Congress runs in parallel with Exhibition, the GO-Exchange Education Fair, during which each University could provide information to other Universities on the programmes offered and arrangements for academic and student mobility, as well as ERASMUS Student placements and staff training opportunities. The fair is expected to serve as a basis for development cooperations between EU and Non-EU Universities. European Enterprises are also invited to participate in order to promote cooperations for ERASMUS Placements and Internships. The GO-Exchange Education Fair will take place on Tuesday, 6 July 2021

All participants planning to represent their University at the Fair have to be registered at ERACON 2019 and apply for the Fair through the on-line registration procedure.

No additional registration fee

ERASMUS GO-Exchange Fair 2021 Fees:

  • EAEC Members – FREE participation
  • NON EAEC Members – 150 euro for each stand
  • Local HEIs from Bulgaria, Non EAEC Member - 100 euro for each stand
  • Enterprises Exhibitors- 300 euro for each stand

For any questions please send us an email at