To be announced a special area with tables will be made available so representatives of universities can arrange one-to-one meetings between them. A registered participant will be able to book a table for a specific time slot. Booking more than one time slot may be possible, subject to availability.

U2U gives universities and organizations the opportunity to meet counterparts who share the same needs and interests in a more private and focused procedure.  

There will be no additional fee for University to University Meetings


U2U Meetings Participants – 14/06/2023 – VIEW THE PARTICIPANTS HERE

27 and 28 June 2023

Tor Vergata University of Rome, School of Economics, Via Columbia, 2, 00133, Rome, Italy

29 June 2023

CAMPUS X, Via di Passo Lombardo, 341, 00133 Rome, Italy

How to reach the venue (CLICK HERE

Contact: Erasmus Central Office

Tel: +39 06 7259 2555


Packages should be labelled: ERACON 2023 CONGRESS

(you may send a tracking number to so the organizers can inform the University)